Take a look into your window pane, your car windshield, or your doorway. Capture what you see and express that image into your mind. That is a moment that will forever be frozen in your memory forever. Kaanvas is not much different than an expression of happenstance inside a window somewhere.

Mark Crews is a musician and artist from Southern Indiana which has been molded by a million of those moments. In this expression of life, he has designed and created a passion in songwriting, fine art, and poetry. In this pursuit of expression was born Kaanvas, and much more. Kaanvas is a representation of always willing to start and finish a story, a painting, or a thought.

A band called Last Hour from Evansville IN had fallen apart in 2011, and from that was born Kaanvas. Mark Crews was one of the members of Last Hour when it collapsed. In that demise were the hope, passion, and future of Mark and his dreams. With a desire to never stop fighting for expression and his art, Mark founded Kaanvas to pour out the ever building inspiration inside the constant string of thoughts. In this desire, a new canvas was beginning to feel the texture of fresh paint, and maybe a new future.